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  • Independent intellectual property rights software inside to ensure smooth operation.
  • Double lead curtain avoid x ray leakage to ensure people safety.
  • Different Access Modes in software, can open unlimited sub-account with hierarchical permissions.
  • Embedded with Wireless LAN, can do remote technical support at any time.
  • Bi-directional operation allows the system to be incorporated, realize the two-way screening

For all our x ray baggage scanners.

  • UK Sens-Tech Detector Boards.
  • Japan HAMAMATSU Detector Head.
  • USA SEAPARKS Roller.
  • SEAGATE High Speed Solid State Disk.
Commercial buildings, factories, courthouses, embassies, government buildings, military installations, all public institutions like prisons, hotels, schools, convention centers and all security checkpoints.
R&D software supports a reliable platform for the future upgrades & system management, including different access modes with hierarchical permissions, customized density & size alert, imaging fast query, USB backup, remark and display ratio, freely switch the multiple languages.