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  • Turnstiles are highly secure & aesthetic choice for Access & Security Control barriers. Full height turnstiles have height of approx. 07 ft or higher, robust design combined with reliable operating mechanism, making them a long-term solution with good ROI.
  • Turnstiles can be integrated with RFID or biometric machines, making them a complete solution for Time Attendance & Access Control.
  • Full Height Turnstile are stand-alone units, or as part of an integrated solution connected with RFID or Biometric machines, providing superior attendance & access control by both detecting authorized and deterring unauthorized entries. They can also be operated through manual push buttons OR left for free rotation to manage the queues and guarantee order at high traffic locations.
  • Full Height turnstiles have various combinations available in their manufacturing material, finishes, uni-directional/bi-directional, single/double and also the security levels through passage angles & reinforced bars.
  • Full Height Turnstiles are preferred where high level of security is required & where queue management is important
  • Locations where accurate recording of the number of individuals passing through is of great significance such as stadiums, colleges, prison, industrial premises, airports, mines, factories, warehouses,
  • Full Height Turnstiles are suitable for strict Time Attendance & Access Control systems, when integrated with a RFID or Biometric machine
  • Aesthetically pleasant Full Height Turnstile, providing equally high levels of security can also be installed in sophisticated environment such as Hotels, commercial buildings, universities, etc.