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Professional Solutions for Any Workspace

Interactive Designs for Touchscreens

Maximize the audience experience. Give your audience a fun, self-service option with touchscreen wayfinding, donor boards and more.

Our digital signage software lets you build interactive screen designs with easy drag-n-drop widgets – include interactive hot spots for touchscreens or use our Voice Recognizer Widget to make any display interactive.


Interactive Wayfinding & Directories

Help your visitors get where they’re going with engaging touchscreen maps and directories. Interactive wayfinding improves visitor satisfaction, eliminates confusion and eases stress to make a great first impression.

Whether it’s a single building floor or an entire campus, our award-winning designers can tailor a wayfinding system that meets your needs. Include directories for staff, departments, rooms and events showing visual paths from kiosk to destination. We can also build in quick reference buttons to find elevators and restrooms, and all of our designs include ADA controls at the bottom of the screen for convenience.

Voice-Activated Wayfinding

Improve the customer experience for any interactive project by adding a voice user interface. VUI provides a hands-free interaction option by using speech recognition to understand spoken commands and questions, and then displaying the requested navigation, maps and directories on screen.

  • Add to any interactive project, new or existing
  • Customize your trigger word
  • Recognize and respond to common inquiries
  • Reduce the transmission of germs

Menu Boards

Bring your menus to life, quickly publish updates and boost sales with vibrant menus on digital signs. Our artists can create dynamic menus for either static or interactive screens:

  • Advertise special offers and promotions
  • Update on-screen content in just a few clicks
  • Show allergy and nutritional information
  • Reduce perceived wait times in queues
  • Use affordable templates or get custom designs