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CCTV surveillance is amongst the basic requirement of any organization now; especially with the security situation being as volatile as we have in our country. Organizations need to monitor their premises, specific rooms as well as their teams to ensure security & discipline are well taken care of.

The CCTV technology has really advanced. Megapixel & High Definition cameras with supported DVR brining extreme clarity to the views & recording. The playback & other options bring great convenience to an organization for reviewing any time based recording.

Camera are available in all styles; such as box, covert, bullets, pan, domes, etc.

An analog CCTV surveillance system is based on DVR (Digital Video Recorder) & cameras, with dedicated wiring between DVR & cameras. Analog CCTV systems have no built-in web servers or network support.
An IP based CCTV surveillance system is based on NVR (Network Video Recorder) & cameras, with network cabling/setup between DVR & cameras. IP based CCTV transmit the video information digitally over an Ethernet connection to NVR or a computer. IP cameras can be accessed and controlled over an IP network. By utilizing a standard web browser or client software users can view an IP camera’s video output from any local or remote location.
  • CCTV system are primarily used for vigilance and surveillance; being a popular choice for offices, factories, colonies, residential parameters, etc.
  • CCTV systems are also deployed for vigilance & surveillance of large areas, towns & cities.
  • Connecting CCTV system to any 3rd party system, like Access Control, Walkthrough Gates, etc. can provide an event based recording where an alarm/trigger form external system makes the CCTV record a particular time frame