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  • Walk-through Gates are metal detectors for pedestrians; ideal for locations having high human traffic & requiring their physical check for any metal. Through its various zones, a walkthrough gate can detect & alarm presence of metal kept or hidden with a human body.
  • Walkthrough gates deter individuals to carry any metal in restricted area & also provide a visual & audio alarm for security guards to physical stop/check any individual who is detected to have a metal with him.
  • Various security levels/zones are available in walkthrough gates & the sensitivity can be controlled as per the security requirement.
  • Walk-through Gates are primarily used for security control & detect any metal carried into a restricted area
  • Walkthrough gates can alarm incase metal (which can also be dangerous; e.g. gun, knife, etc.) are carried through kept or hidden with a human body
  • Presence of physical security guard is suggested to track any alarm from the walkthrough gates & thoroughly search the individual who triggered the alarm
  • The reliability of Walk-through Gates’ technology makes it suitable for high traffic locations such as exhibition centers, hotels, universities, airports, etc. as well as factories, offices, banks, hospitals, public and private buildings, etc.